Whopperrito Review

Hungry for a burger burrito? Burger King has you covered with the new Whopperrito. A what? A Whopper Burrito. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Continue reading “Whopperrito Review”

Nothing Lasts Forever – Disc Rot

You know all those CD’s and DVD’s you have? They could be slowly (or quickly) deteriorating. Especially if they have been poorly taken care of. Nothing lasts forever. Continue reading “Nothing Lasts Forever – Disc Rot”

Creating an Inviting Bed

Earlier this week I shared a photo of our finished bed on Instagram and it was received fairly well! As promised, I’ll be sharing how I jazzed it up in today’s blog post. Continue reading “Creating an Inviting Bed”

How To Install: Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Looking to upgrade your media center but unsure how? Well this post will show you how. Literally! I purchased the Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount and will show you in video form how to install it. Continue reading “How To Install: Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount”

Product Review: Arctic Alpine M1

The Artic Alpine M1 cooler is designed to enabled quiet computing on AMD’s AM1 platform. At around $10 USD, is it worth your money? I purchased one for my home server a while back and this article will detail my experience so far. Continue reading “Product Review: Arctic Alpine M1”

Video: Leo & Lev Play Through a Door

It’s Saturday! So to kick off the weekend Leo & Lev have made another video for you! Check it out! Continue reading “Video: Leo & Lev Play Through a Door”

Suicide Awareness

Lately the topic of suicide has resurfaced in my life as, unfortunately, there have been a number of suicides in our area over the past decade. The number is increasing annually and thankfully the community is starting to talk about it, but I wanted to talk about it with all of you. Continue reading “Suicide Awareness”

August 2016 Premium Japan Crate

It’s that time again! This month’s Japan Crate arrived during a particularly busy week for us, so we had to save it for the weekend. Honestly, we weren’t able to film the video until 8/14! Needless to say, we were very excited about FINALLY getting to open the box and see what treats were inside. Continue reading “August 2016 Premium Japan Crate”

Why We Stopped Playing Pokemon GO

A few weeks ago Allyson wrote an article about how we were obsessed with the new Pokemon GO mobile game. A few weeks later, Niantic has done enough to make us loose all interest. Maybe someday when it’s not as buggy and features stop dramatically changing we’d reconsider. However, I already hardly even think about the game anymore. Continue reading “Why We Stopped Playing Pokemon GO”

Kitten Academy Patreon & New Litter

Three weeks ago I wrote a feature about Kitten Academy, a small kitten fostering program run by some incredible human beings out of an Illinois dining room. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do as the academy is inspiring us to be better human beings…and is obviously adorable! Continue reading “Kitten Academy Patreon & New Litter”