Product Review: World of Nintendo – Link Figurine

A Legend of Zelda: Link action figure?! That’s not something you see very often (or if you are me, never until recently). However, I did find one at my local Target store the other week. Link is one of 6 total characters in part of the World of Nintendo Figurine Series 1-1. I have grown up with Nintendo and love the Legend of Zelda franchise, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of owning one for myself, especially at the low price point of around $13 (USD).


World of Nintendo Link Figurine in it's packaging.
Figure Packaging: Front

Packaging is pretty par for the course. Cardboard backing and plastic bubble shielding makes up the entirety of the presentation. The back of the packaging gives some additional detail about the figuring but more importantly shows all other figures that are part of the series informing you of which ones you have yet to collect or may be interested in.

World of Nintendo Link Figurine back of packaging.
Figuring Packaging: Back

This package also contains a mystery accessory. What ever could that be? Links’ Hylian Shield of course!

The mystery accessory is Links' Hylian shield.
Ba-da-da-DA! You found the HYLIAN SHIELD. Equip it to use as protection in battle.

So with the mystery unwrapped, the full package contents are shown below.Link_with_accessories


The details on this are very impressive considering it’s only 4 inches tall. Links chainmail is actually textured and the painted details do not really overlap into areas they shouldn’t. All colors are accurate and no color’s are missing or misplaced. Even the Master Sword has full detail including textured grip and embossed Hylian designs. However, words can only describe this so well so here are some photos to show case the attention to detail (click on them to see them larger).

Link standing.

Link with sword and shield.

Sheathed Master Sword on Links' back.

Link with shield.

Build Quality

The overall quality is high for licensed merchandise in this price range and style of figurine. The plastic used throughout is solid and does not feel cheap or that it would break under most falls and mishaps.

The lower half of Link’s tunic is made of a rubberized material that is thick and feels solid. Perhaps even too solid as it’s hard to pose the legs in more than a standing position with how stiff it is. However, with that said it does feel flexible enough that it won’t rip easily or dry out and crack. I did notice a small tear on one side after forcing a fold in it, but it seems to be small enough and strong enough that it will not continue (or that the tear is even really noticeable).

His sword and shield are made of a slightly flexible plastic. This should allow them to be used without worry of snapping or losing their shape unless excessive force is applied. The only major issue I noticed is that although there is a space to have Link grip the shield, it is incredibly difficult to get his hand around it. So much that I felt that once attached I would not be able to remove it without breaking his wrist. As such I leave it partially on. This seems to be a design oversight.

With the good quality materials used, there is still a setback for the piece. This is that the joints feel loose. My figure has enough strength that it will keep any pose, but it feels that they will get very lose over time if played with. Lucky for me I will keep it posed on my desk, however, for kids (and kids at heart) who want to go on adventures with Link, they may find the joints won’t hold up.  So, buyer beware, this may not hold up well over time with frequent use.


Link with sword raised.

Overall for the price this figurine can’t be beat. It look’s just as good in it’s packaging as it does opened and posed on your desk.  Overall the details and quality are higher than expected even though some joints feel like they may not last with frequent use. It makes a perfect fit for all including collectors and game enthusiasts. If you enjoy the Legend of Zelda franchise and are into figurines this is one item not to pass up.


Looking to buy one of these for yourself?  You can click the following link to leave our site to view it’s product page on


World of Nintendo 4 Inch Figure with Mystery Accessory: Link

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