Product Review: Halo 2 Master Chief Figurine

With the recent release of Halo 2 on Xbox One, the Master Chief has returned again in his classic armor. This time in 5 1/2 inch figurine form. How well does this stack up to it’s $15 USD price tag? Read on to find out.


Halo 2 Master Chief Figurine in package.

There is nothing special about the packaging here. There is the standard plastic outer shell with plastic ties keeping Master Chief in place in a thin plastic bed. Tape and adhesive holds the plastic bubble to the cardboard backing while tape holds some of the accessories in place underneath. The tape seems cheap and left a residue on the cardboard and accessories when cleanly removed and pretty much is guaranteed to destroy the cardboard upon removal.

Figurine in thin plastic packaging bed.
Master Chief in his thin plastic bedding that holds him in place in the package. Tape holds his guns and grenade in place while he is tied in with a plastic twist tie.

The back of this box only contains an advertizement for this figuring as well as the Halo 5 Master Chief in his cloak. I omitted pictures as I was a bit to excited to open this one and damaged it pretty well. Comparing it to the Link action figure, no details are listed such as articulation points or additional information. The back feels mostly like filler and the main attraction being the figure itself inside.


Master Chief's back is fully armored and full of detail.
The back of Chief’s armor is incredibly detailed including worn edges, scratches and even all under armor suit ridges and valleys.

This is a McFarlane figurine, so the details are complete and accurate. There is no question about this figurine looking like it’s original virtual counterpart. Wrists twist, arms arch, and the head swivels and tilts side to side. This figurine has the essential posable pieces. The only detail I find it missing is articulated fingers, and although new to the collectable figurine arena I have looked at various figurines over the years and those are rare to find on 5 1/2 inch replicas, especially at this price point.

Master Chief with battle rifle.
From the front you can see many of the tiny details in Chief and his guns.

The weapons are just as detailed as Master Chief himself. Colors are accurate with minimal overspray. The most noticeable overspray being that the clips in the sub-machine guns are part silver with the main body color and the edges black as part of the stock is black. The Brute Plasma’s show no such issues.

Brute pistol upclose and full of detail.
Close up of the Brute Plasma Rifle. Details flow even into the under sides of the top and bottom pieces.
Master Chiefs weapons.
Yes those plasma pistols are upside-down, but they still retain their high attention to detail as do the other weapons. The black spikes are used to secure the weapons to Chief when not in his hands.
Crouching Chief hidden Spartan.
Weapons can attach on Master Chiefs legs. Nothing is overlooked in this figurine as you can even see the blue light on his shoulder.

There is no detail overlooked here. I can’t find a single thing that appears out of place or omitted. It’s incredibly designed.

Build Quality

Although being very solid and having a feeling of durability, there are some issues that are hard to look past with the build of this figurine. The main issue being that the guns don’t sit tight in Master Chief’s hands. Doing any kind of pose with the SMG’s requires very precise balancing. The battle rifle requires two hands to hold in place or it simply falls to the ground. Below is an example of how loose these can be. This is the battle rifle resting in a single hand with the arm up. The gun being back heavy tilts back without any way to stay secure in his grip.

The major downside to this figurine is that the weapons don’t hold tight in his hands. This greatly limits the poses you can do. Although possible with the battle rifle to stretch the fingers to fit, it does not work at all on the SMG’s.

These loose features are not only with the hands being able to hold the packaged accessories. Many of my figure’s joints were lose out of the package including Master Chief’s wrists and one of his knees. In addition to this, the chest plate is removable and fell off numerous times while attempting to pose it. This almost entirely kills the experience. Perhaps I was just unlucky as I also own Noble -Six from the Halo Reach series and experienced none of these issues. However, it feels more like design flaws than manufacturer defects (with the guns anyway).

However, even with such issues, I was still able to get a few good poses without much trouble. So don’t be too disheartened, just take this as a warning with what you may be imaging you can do with it.

Stealth Master Chief sneaking around a book.
Stealth Master Chief sneaking around a book.
Master Chief prone and ready to fire.
Master Chief prone and ready to fire.


Even though there are some issues with posing Master Chief, at least Noble-Six finally has a friend to pal around with.

Although it has some major flaws with the weapons not being able to be held tight in his hands, this is an impressively detailed replica of Master Chief. If you are a fan of Halo and love Chief, this is certainly a figure to have in your collection. However, for those more casually involved in the series or looking for more action in your figure, you may want to look elsewhere as the loose joints and weak hands leave this strictly for show and not for adventures (unless you want to wrap the grips in tape or something similar). For being about $15 USD I can’t really complain, especially with the attention to detail. My only suggestion is that if you are considering purchasing please take the issue of holding the accessories seriously, it could be very disappointing depending on your intended use.


Looking to purchase one of these for your collection?  You can find it on here.

Have you purchased one of these yourself? Let me know in the comments along with your thoughts!





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