Daily To Do: Work On Your Goals

Never quit working on your goals; Always work towards them. Every. Day.

I have been following this mantra for the past few months that has helped me accomplish more I feel than I ever have in my adult life. It is as simple as stated above, just to progress my goals daily. This also isn’t just a nice to do. This is something I force myself to do. So far it’s one of the best things I have talked myself into doing.

Why every day?

Doing things daily can greatly increase the likelihood of me turning progress into a habit. Progress to me is success.  I am accomplishing the things I dream of doing and actively working to finish them. Therefore, progress feels like success to me. Which is a great thing to feel every single day.

Daily is hard. What if I forget or fail to do it?

Keep working and don’t get hung up on failures. This post is an excellent example of not getting hung up on failure.  I should have had this ready in advance to post at exactly 12:00 AM EST.  However, I let things slide and worked on other goals.  So, here to keep my promise of content on Sunday I have written this post late in the day to get it up before Monday.  I must keep this deadline because of the promise of content to you. This promise and this blog are both very important goals that I must achieve.  I have now progressed my goal for the blog today(as you are reading it).

The key is to not get hung up on failures. Yes, I overlooked how important this was to me earlier in the week, but in the face of past deadline I did not throw my hands up saying, well by tomorrow, or just on Tuesday. No, this post will be done today. I feel this is a key to success that can’t be overstated. Work past the failures and focus on your success/progress.

How much do I need to complete each day?

Not much at all if you don’t have the time for it. I prefer to get something sizable that has been bothering me or kept me in place for a while. It can be as simple as organizing a drawer in a room that needs cleaned or as big as finalizing a large business deal. The key is doing something that could wait, but deciding to do it now. This does of course assume that you always meet standard obligations.  What is a standard obligation? Simply put you can meet what’s required of you without having to constantly ‘put out fires’ or rush around to get things done last minute. Once you meet standard obligations you can ensure progress on your goals by extending this to the daily routine. As now today is the day that you need to fulfill an obligation to yourself.

Final Words

We only have so many days made available to us, and nothing can get accomplished without being worked on. Today is the day to start work on the projects, goals and dreams that have been set aside for the future of more available time and resources. What I have found over the years is that those days will not come. One must make time to do these things and without making time yourself, you will never see things progress.


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