First Impressions: Foxx Electronics Tempered Screen Protector

Tempered screen protector? Like glass? Yes. How does that protect your phone and why would you want that over a traditional screen protector? I answer these questions for you today as well as a bonus video!

I have been using my iPhone 5s for the past year without a screen protector. Yes, that is dangerous and stupid, and I would recommend that everyone use a screen protector. However, I avoided one as I had purchased a Zagg invisashield but my spigen slim armor case caused the edges to become crumpled as the protector was larger than the open space for the screen in the case. This led to the edges getting dust and dirt on them and it got rather gross so I tore it off. I tried again with a cheaper protector and had the same result. My solution was then to just keep one pocket dedicated to my phone to avoid scratches.

This worked decently, but a few small hair scratches started to appear so I thought it was time to try another screen protector. I hopped on Amazon and started searching for anything cheap to get the job done. That’s when I found the Foxx Electronics Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It was only around 10$ and appeared to be worth the cost over the disposable flexible ones that I had so much fun with previously. So I thought I would give it a shot.

Installation was easy, as I show in the video below, and so far this thing is awesome.

After installing the protector, the screen was as responsive as it was when I bought it brand new. In addition to having awesome touch sensitivity the glass used seems less prone to catching fingerprints and other oils. So everything feels great and it seems to stay cleaner longer.

So how does glass protect your screen?

Great question. Firstly it protects the same way other screen protectors do by creating a protective barrier from foreign objects from hitting your screen. Secondly, by being a solid piece of glass, it can absorb impact forces. So if you drop your phone and it lands screen down or if something hits the screen from the front, the glass screen protector will absorb some of the force and possibly shatter. If you’re lucky, it will absorbed enough that the underlying screen is left intact and unscathed and only the outer layer of glass will have been damaged. Also, glass should be more scratch resistant than plastic. So really glass offers better protection all around.

So what are the downsides?

So far the only downside that I can think of is that being glass it is thicker than it’s plastic based counterparts. So it may interfere with some phone cases or be aesthetically unpleasing to some. Otherwise, these are easily overlooked by the increased durability and touch sensitivity over plastic. Glass just is the better option.

Closing thoughts

As of now I am very satisfied with my purchase and plan to continue to use glass screen protectors in the future as they are less prone to deformation and have touch sensitivity that is leaps and bounds above their flexible counterparts. However before I speak to soon, I do want to note that I have only been using it for about two weeks so far. My opinion may change, so I am giving it a full month before my final say. Be sure to check back in for my full review in the coming weeks!

If you want to purchase this for yourself before my full review is out(and I doubt my mind will really change from recommending it), you can check out the link below to head over to to view the product page.


Author: Trevor E

Technologist. Programmer. Artist. Gamer.

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