Product Review: World of Nintendo – Skull Kid Figurine

Sometimes the best things in life are small and colorful. Today we check out this awesome new Legend of Zelda 3 inch Skull Kid figurine!

Back Story: Black Friday 2015

We are browsing though our local Target store. While looking for discounted gifts for our family members we stop in the toy department. Knowing they carry World of Nintendo merchandise I slipped down an isle to see if they have any shelf space since they have seem to been pushed out of the main toy isle into a mishmashed end cap. All I saw was Funko Pop! figurines where the Nintendo figurines were. I found a few pushed to the back but they were of Diddy Kong which I also already own. Hopes dashed I started to walk away, but I decided to check one more time. This time moving another box I found Skull Kid staring at me! The best part is it was priced at less than $5 (3.49 to be precise)!

I was ecstatic. I was considering purchasing Majora’s Mask for the 3DS earlier this year before scalpers came in and pre-ordered all of the special edition new 3DS’s and the limited edition cartridge that came with a figurine. Being that I prefer to download my games now to save physical space it wasn’t really worth it to pick it up. Also, I have a halfway complete save file for Majora’s Mask on my Gamecube from one of the promo disks that also includes Ocarina of Time. I love my Gamecube enough that I figured I will just finish my long lost play though than start a new adventure and save myself $40-$240 on a new system and game. Long story short is I liked the figurine but didn’t see a way to enjoy it for the price I was willing to pay at the time. So to find a Skull Kid figurine for so cheap was utterly surprising. I immediately picked it up and bought it that trip.

So with the back story out of the way, let’s move on to the review!


Front packaging.

Packaging is pretty standard for figurines. Basic bubble plastic showcasing the 3 inch tall Skull Kid in his signature pose. I really enjoy the clean aesthetic of the World of Nintendo packaging design, no fuss and the focus is on the figurine. The back gives a small description of Skull Kid and shows a few other figurines that are available in it’s series. A tactful advertising of what else is available. Honestly, if they had the 8-Bit figures I probably would have went home with more, so I appreciate this. The overall design is great if you want to keep it in box. However I prefer to ditch the box and display only the figure.

Back of the packaging.

When opening up the figurine you find it’s nicely packed inside a form fitted plastic tray.

Figurine in packing tray.

Taking it out of the packaging we can see the numerous details that this figure has.


Details include cloth folds and ripples as well as more detailed than expected paint job.

Skull Kid is just as detailed as any of the other World of Nintendo figures. That is to say I am very impressed with how much detail is applied to each of these tiny figures. Depressions are present(although harder to see) where the mouth is on the mask and each piece of clothes has folds wrinkles as well as a respectable paint job. Vibrant colors are abound are accurate, although perhaps a bit neon compared to what you see in game. However I am guessing that if held onto the colors will dull some to match the more drab atmosphere and feeling of the game.


Not only does it have tiny details and a solid paint job, this figurine even is poseable! The head and both arms are about to be rotated. This means you can change his stance from staring into his hand to the casual standing with one arm out that he is commonly seen in. This was unexpected, but very welcome. I have Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong that are this class of figurine and they are solid with no moving parts. I am very excited to see these cheaper smaller figures becoming poseable!

Build Quality

Looks great on my desk next to the clay mug I made for Majora’s Mask back in high school.

Being mostly solid plastic it feels very durable. The joints used for the head and arms are also tight so they don’t feel as if they will wear out or become loose from changing poses too often. My figurine sits well on it’s own in any pose, however reading reviews on Amazon I saw that others were not so lucky and had trouble balancing them. Being plastic it may be possible to fix such issues with repeated bending or maybe heating with something such as a hair dryer and attempting to reshape. Or of course you could leave it in the packaging. I would like to note of the two that were available at Target, one did have it’s hand rotated differently. Being that the hand/wrist is not movable, it may be that manufacturing differs enough that small differences may exist. However, I have zero imperfections in mine, and honestly since it was only $3.49 in store, I can’t say it’s worth complaining about. I have paid more for other poseable action figures that have the same problems(I am looking at you McFarlane Toys and your Halo Reach/2 Action Figures 😐 ).



If you can find these in stores they are a bargain for under $5. The amount of details and it even having basic poseability is astounding. Honestly, if you really like the character I would go as far to say that it would be worth the inflated price online although paying that much for a figurine that may not stand on it’s own can certainly be frustrating. However for the detail and it being something that you don’t see everyday it’s certainly worth the purchase. I was able to find Skull Kid on Amazon for about $12 at time of writing, which although is high for what it is, isn’t really that bad of a deal if you can’t find it in stores. If you want to pick one up yourself check out the link below that will take you to’s product page.

World of Nintendo: Skull Kid Figurine on Amazon

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