Zelda Figure Collection: Ocarina of Time Kid Link (capsule toy)

If you are lucky you may have seen these capsule toys at book stores, dollar stores etc. However most of the time these are a bit pricey at about $5 (USD) a piece. So are they worth it? Let’s check out this Legend of Zelda capsule toy!

I would like to mention that these are usually not that appealing to me. At around $5 a piece, being rather small and mostly being unable to see what you get it doesn’t sound like a good deal to me. Especially with the new World of Nintendo figurines popping up at major retail stores here in the U.S. that cost the same or even less and you are guaranteed to get what you want. So why gamble on getting what you want when you can just outright buy others figurines that are similar? I guess some may enjoy the mystery but I prefer to know what I am getting. So with that, I don’t have any of these figurines so I figured I would give it a shot. (Although I do have a Toon Link that is very similar from a different one of these series.)

Front of the unopened capsule toy.
Nintendo Legend of Zelda Figure Collection capsule toy by Tomy.
Unopened capsule toy showing Gacha by Tomy brand.
This capsule is a Gacha by Tomy.
Sometimes you can see what figure you will get by peeking in these holes.

So normally you can’t see inside well. However, you can sometimes get a good idea of which one it is by peeking in the holes on the top. Looking in these holes I thought I saw very distinct Link hair. More importantly I saw an eye that matched the kid Link shown on the box these were selling from in the book store where I found them.

Peeking paid off and I got exactly what I wanted. Kid link was in this capsule!
Peeking paid off and I got exactly what I wanted. Kid link was in this capsule!

I was right! Hooray! 😀 Now let’s take a look at what’s inside.

Capsule contents annotated. Advertisement for other figurines in the series, stand, figure, capsule.
Capsule contents annotated. Advertisement for other figurines in the series, stand, figure, capsule.

Overall I am impressed with the quality of the figurine. As you can see below there are a lot of details packed into its tiny 2 inch height. Colors are accurate and you can see details such as clothe wrinkles, buckles and even details on the sword/sheath. It’s made of a nice quality plastic and feels very sturdy.

Front of the figurine.
Details are very nice. The only major issue I see is that my figurine has green smeared into his arm. But hey, this is kid Link, so that’s just a grass stain right? There are a few other small painting errors, but considering how small it is, they are all within reason for the price.
Back of the figurine. There is a slight discoloration on it's right heel.
I am a little disappointing with the color issue on his right foot, but it appears I could sand this off as it’s excess plastic, not paint.


Overall it is a very nice display piece and for the details it is worth the money. It does feel more premium than the World of Nintendo figurines with it’s high gloss stand, and what l feels like a more premium colorization(appears fully painted, no off color unpainted, oddly glossy plastic) so I can see why it costs as much as it does. I just wish it was sold as is instead of having to guess what you get. But it wouldn’t be a capsule toy without the mystery. So next time you see one, it certainly is worth the cost, however, if you are going for a complete set you will want to find someone to trade or sell to as the mystery aspect could cost you quite a bit more than you would like. Overall I am happy to add this to my collection.

Author: Trevor E

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