Product Review: World of Nintendo – Link Figure (Ocarina of Time 3D)

Another Legend of Zelda: Link action figure?! Awesome! I spotted this online a while back but recently happened across it at my local Target store. It being the only one left, it seems it may be rarer(or bought more frequently) than the other World of Nintendo figurines. There were many Luigi’s and Peaches, but only a single Link. How could I pass this up when I already reviewed the Skyward Sword variant? This time it’s price was $4 cheaper too coming in at around $9 instead of $13 (USD).


World of Nintendo: Link (Ocarina of Time 3D) figurine packaging
Figure Packaging: Front

The packaging is par for the course for all other figurines. It’s got a nice solid front plastic and a cardboard back. The back of the packaging is the same as the other World of Nintendo series figurines showing what others are available as part of this series. I see that Gravity Suit Samus is one of them, so I hope I can maybe catch this in store in the future. A great mix of advertising the features and other figurines.

World of Nintendo: Link (Ocarina of Time 3D) figurine packaging back.
Figure Packaging: Back

Like all World of Nintendo offerings in this size/variety it contains a mystery accessory. Knowing it was the Hylian Shield for the Skyward Sword figurine, I wasn’t sure if it would be the same. Turns out it is. Although it would have been nice to have the Mirror Shield, Golden Gauntlets, Bombchus, Hookshot or even Navi. I can see though that Link isn’t really fully fleshed out without his iconic shield in hand.

Ba-da-da-what???! This accessory box isn't a chest like the Skyward Sword figurine! It would have been better if it would have had that extra touch. Oh well.
Ba-da-da-what???! This isn’t a chest like the Skyward Sword figurine! It would have been better if it would have had that extra touch. Oh well.

So with the mystery unboxed, here is the full contents, front and back.

Figure and accessories front view.Figure and accessories back view.


As this is a figurine for a game that is more toonish and a remake from the N64, there isn’t a ton of detail. However that isn’t to say it’s lacking. Links clothes show folds and wrinkles, his boots have buckles and his eyes are crisp and clear. The colors look a bit more vibrant and on par with the Deku scrub figurine to match the games aesthetics. It’s a nice touch and create a stark contrast between Skyward Sword’s link.

Link posed with sword and shield. Shield is forward and sword is out in a striking position.

Link's hat touching his sword sheath.
This figure does suffer from the same issue as the other Link. His hat does hit his sheath, although with some gentle force you can make it pass behind and keep the sheath in place.
Both Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword Links facing away from the camera.
Here is the back of both figurines for reference. Further on you can see their fronts.

Build Quality

Overall the build quality is on par with other figurines I have reviewed in this price range. The plastic feels solid and durable. The bottom half of Link’s tunic is a rubberized material(that doesn’t bend too well) and has a full split up the side to prevent any tearing which was a concern for me on the other Link figure.

The sword is flexible so you can’t hurt yourself with it however the shield is rather hard so be careful if you let it lying on the floor. I do have an issue with the shield. Unlike the Skyward Sword figure, I was able to get the hand through to the main grip, however to do this I needed to shave a small amount of plastic from the insides of the handle.

Link's shield in hand from above.
The shield requires a little modification if you want to get his hand through.

Additionally the shield has no way of attaching to his back (same as the other Link). However I feel that adding this ability would have really brought it up another level with how you can pose and display the figure.

Image showing how the shield would look if it could attach to Link's back. Unfortunantly this is not possible.
It would be great if you could recreate Link’s look fully from the game when he has his weapons stored.
As tall as advertised (4.25 inches), and Skyward Sword Link joins for reference.

The only downside of this figurine is that my version has weak knees and loose hip joints. It makes it very hard to pose and gives a very limited range of stances. The legs literally sway when Link is picked up and shaken by his top half. The knees being not tight enough to hold the figures weight singly means that it’s hard to compensate as well. I have purchased figurines in the past that have had weak joints from the factory and in all places (neck/torso/arms/hands) it’s just unfortunate that the one I have suffers from this kind of issue.



Overall it’s a great figurine for fans of the series and Ocarina of Time (being the classic or 3D variant). It looks spot on to the games and illustrations for them. With it’s high quality plastic it should last you a while, however don’t be too upset if yours suffers from weak joints which seems to be all too common on figurines at these price levels. However, if you can find one, you surely will want to snag it while you can as this figurine series is constantly changing.

If you can’t find one in a store you can find it online. Click the link below to be taken to this figures product page on Amazon. It is a little more expensive, but if you can’t find it the extra cost just may be worth it.

World of Nintendo: Link (Ocarina of Time) on Amazon

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