Product Review: AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag

Have a DSLR(or plain SLR for that matter) and looking for a quality bag on the cheap? We recently upgraded our gear to a Canon T6i (Video Creator Kit) and had to find something to protect our new investment as well as hold all it’s gear(and future gear) in one place. The solution? The AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag. At less than $25 (USD), this was quite a deal.


If you aren’t familiar with the AmazonBasics brand, basically it’s’s home grown brand that is designed to give you good quality products at reasonable prices. So why this brand to protect our new $800 investment? Well partly because we just shelled out $800 and didn’t have much of a budget left for anything too pricey. The other part is it hit all our checkboxes.


“Hey aren’t you affiliated with Amazon?” you may ask. Why yes we are, and please check our disclosures page for additional details on that. However I can say that we did not pick this bag because of that. We purchased this for our own use and could have easily picked any other brand. This one just met our qualifications. We like to be completely honest with you, our readers, and want to ensure you that all reviews and opinions are our own and all our reviews are honest and not influenced by any outside source. Ok, are we good now? I hope so, let’s continue…

What we needed

The goal was to find a bag that was padded, had ample compartments, could fit a camera and 3 lenses and made of a durable material to ensure it would last a long while and was affordable. The AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag was one of the only bags the fit the bill. Additionally it was devoid of camera branding and bright colors that may make holders more of a target to pick pockets and thieves. Double bonus. For a triple bonus the branding on this bag is also easily removable! It’s only stitched on except for the branded zippers which are all black. You can easily stealth this leaving only the molded zippers as proof its from Amazon.

The bag

Let’s just list everything this bag does and then we will talk about it below:


  • Matching outside side pockets
  • Large front pocket
    • Has inner zipper mesh and traditional organizers(pen/pencil holders etc)
  • Front bottom adjustable loops to secure additional accessories
  • Top handle Velcros to enable other accessories to be attached
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • Additional top flap that may provide basic/light weather protection and keep your zippers hidden and out of sight.
  • Customizable, padded felt interior (in grey or orange, we have grey)
  • Inner zipper mesh pocket
  • Small tablet pocket inside main compartment


AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag with iPhone 5S/SE for size comparison.
AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag (iPhone 5S/SE included for size reference)

The bag is a beautiful black and is a standard nylon woven fabric that pretty much most electronic bags come it. It is 12.6(D) x 7.3(D) x 9.6(T) inches in size. Although “large” its about half the size of the last 17″ laptop bag that I owned. This thing is still smaller than my current Timbuk2 messenger bag as well. It’s just big enough to hold your camera body with a few accessories inside and includes interior and exterior pockets for additional items.

Right side of the camera bag( (when viewing from the front).
Right side of the camera bag( (when viewing from the front). Both sides contain a pocket like the one shown.

The outside of the bag has three pockets. Identical pockets flank the sides and are big enough to hold accessories such our OEM Canon battery charger. A large single pocket spans the front with buckles latching the top tight together for carrying. Inside there is a mesh zipper pocket, pen/pencil holders and a larger pocket for accessories/notepads/manuals etc.As you can see in the image below it is large enough to easily fit the lens cleaning air blower. The side pockets can also hold this as well.

For moving this bag you have a few options which is great. There is an adjustable padded shoulder strap as well as a handle on top for grab and go convenience. The attachments of the strap are plastic though, however under normal use, the thickness should prevent it from wearing out and breaking down. Additionally on the front there are two adjustable carrying straps that can fit a smaller tripod or hang additional items on. Lastly the center handle also Velcros together allowing you to undo it and fit more items underneath. There is no shortage of places to store or creatively store supplies while on the go here.

Interior of the outer pocket showing mesh zipper pouch and accessories.


Inner mesh zipper pouch with extra battery and SD card.
The lid of the main compartment allows you to fit smaller gear such as batteries, SD cards, etc.

The lid is actually composed of two pieces. A large overhanging flap that covers the zippers to the main compartment and the inner main compartment lid. They connect with Velcro and the upper lid has additional padding and appears to add additional weather protection. THe Velcro is a nice addition as when the main compartment is unzipped, moving the top flap opens the entire bag, otherwise it detaches letting you at the zippers that are pretty much hidden under the top flap.

Inside the main compartments lid you can see there is a small mesh zipper pouch. Although you can’t put anything too bulky in here you can easily fit batteries as well as other thinner items such as SD cards.

Main compartment

The main compartment is spacious enough to hold our T6i as well as it’s mic with enough room left to hold another lens. This is completely customizable as it contains padded felt dividers with Velcro ends. So if you don’t like how you are storing things, you can easily make it exactly how you want. If properly configured I feel I would be able to fit two lenses as this configuration is having the camera body bottom on the bottom of the bag, with the lens extended pointing to a side.

Additionally you may notice the long sleeve at the top of the photo. This is a padded space for small tablet such as an iPad mini, Kindle Fire or Nexus 7. We do not have a mini tablet to place here so currently it’s unused.

Not a fan of the grey shown? Well it also comes in orange! At the time of writing orange was cheaper. We decided to go with grey as it felt it made it less noticeable that it was a camera bag from a distance. We feel the less it can call attention to itself, the less likely we are to find ourselves being liberated of our equipment.

Inside the bag showing the configuration with extra padding over the camera body storage space.
The inside is completely customizable and comes with 4 Velcro felt inserts.
Inside the bag with custom insert configuration.
Under the currently unused extra divider, the camera can fit here with the lens attached. The divider in the middle is pushed to one side to ensure the camera doesn’t move to freely while in transport.

The padding on the interior as well as throughout the bag is about a quarter to half of an inch thick. This is enough padding that I would feel confident in it protecting our gear during travel as well as unexpected bumps and or possibly even short falls. Of course, this isn’t a shock proof bag and any accident could still damage the contents, but the thickness of the padding gives you the feeling of security. However with that, the outer pockets are not padded. So be sure to keep all delicate items inside the main compartment

Final Thoughts

Overall I am very impressed with this bag. It’s heavily padded design and attention to detail with storage spaces is fantastic. It feels incredibly well thought out and at no point in using the bag have we felt something could have been designed better. Add in the ability to customize your interior to suit your kit and this is a winner. Although not having purchased or worked with other options, I am completely happy with our purchase.

The only negative thing I can say is that I did not read the dimensions before purchasing it and thought it would be a little larger. I feel we will most assuredly expand our kit to include at least 2 additional lenses(Macro and Telephoto) and having it be a little wider could have enabled you to carry more. However, being new to DSLR’s I may find that’s not needed down the road once I have the extra stuff to carry.

This is certainly a fantastic bag for your money. I personally recommend it to anyone looking for a solid DSLR/gadget bag. If you would like to pick up one for yourself you can use the links below to take you to their product pages:

AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag (Grey Interior)

AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag (Orange Interior)

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