Product Review: World of Nintendo – Samus Figure (Metallic Paint)

Figurine in box.

A few weeks ago I did a video unboxing of my new World of Nintendo – Samus Figure (Metallic Paint). Now it’s time for the review!

This is by far the best figure yet to come out as part of the series. The details are plenty, colors are accurate and the poseability allows a wide arrangement of possibilities. I am very happy to have added this figure to my collection.


Figurine in box.
Figurine in box.

The packaging is par for the course with all the other figures. Same great design, same back of the box advertisements(Sorry, forgot to take a picture of that). Solid plastic to protect the figure and plastic strips to hold it in place. You need to be careful though as removing it from the packaging could scratch the paint(the best part!). Well packed, and something worth keeping if you are into preserving all of your collectables.


Close up shot showing details of figurine.
This model is coated with details.

This is where the figure shines above all of the others I have seen so far. The paint job is immaculate and is completely detailed. The armor shows all of its seams, divots, and materials. The lights on the suit are a nice green showcasing it’s variance and the arm canon includes all the lines and curves you would expect. There really isn’t any way I could think they could pack any more details onto this figure. Colors are accurate as well. Matching perfectly with the Prime series.

Details on the back of the figurine.
The back is very detailed, showing everything you would expect.
Image of the Morph Ball mystery gift.
The mystery gift? You guessed it, the Morph Ball. It’s equally as detailed as the main figure.

Build Quality


Compared to the other figures, this one fares better. No joints are weak to the point that it can’t hold its pose and it feels sturdy in your hand. As with the others, it seems durable for play, but I am unsure just how long the hinges would last.


There is one area where the quality falls short. The mystery accessory is the Morph Ball, however, it’s two pieces of plastic lightly melded together. A single fall onto tile from waist height cracked mine in two. Some super glue fixed it, but it’s something to be aware of.


If you get the chance, I highly recommend you pick one of these up. Having seen the nonmetallic paint figure images online, this is the one you will want to get. Especially if you are a fan of the Prime series that it is designed to match. Best of all it only cost 15$ on Amazon where I purchased it. Yes, it is more expensive than if you can find it in store, but with how detailed it is I find it totally worth the extra expense.

If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself, you can purchase it on Amazon (as I did) using the following link to it’s product page.

Amazon: World of Nintendo Metroid Samus Exclusive 4″ Action Figure [Metallic Paint]

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