Product Review: World of Nintendo – Shadow Link Figure

A shadow spills out from the darkness. A familiar face forms in the black pool. Who could this be? Shadow Link is here.

Yes! Your eyes don’t deceive you, this is really a Shadow Link figurine(also known as Dark Link). Haven’t seen one before? I don’t blame you as these are exclusively at Spencer’s (at least here in the US). Warning: Spencer’s carries some mature/NSFW items if you go searching for one of these. This figure is also more expensive at just shy of $20 at $19.99 (USD). However if you are a fan of the Zelda series and specificly this mysterious evil version of Link, it’s a must have and worth the money.


We made a companion unboxing video to go with this review! (No voice/1080p) Review continues below!



Figure Packaging: Front
Figure Packaging: Front

The packaging is what we have come to know and maybe even love about these figures. Simple bubble style with a cardboard back. The figure is well secured and you can view it from all angles to inspect it before buying. The back contains more familiarity with it’s display of other figures that are now available as part of the newest series.

Figure Packaging: Back
Figure Packaging: Back

Unlike previous offerings, it seems that the former mystery accessory is now common knowledge. Shadow Link’s shield is shown and the other figures shown on the back also show what items they come with. This is nice to remove the guesswork, however for those who don’t peek for clues online, the surprise aspect is lost.

At this point, you may have noticed that Shadow Link looks an awfully lot like the Ocarina of Time Link I also reviewed. Well, glad you noticed because they use the exact same molds. These figures are entirely identical except for their coloring.



Image shows numerous up close details.
Subtle details everywhere!

Being Shadow Link doesn’t really leave room for many details but he has as many as you would expect. The same cloth folds and tucks are present as the Ocarina of Time version, his buckles and belts are fully modeled and not painted on and his hair has strands. As color is lacking, the true details on the sword and shield really pop. Unfortunately this means if there is any imperfection in the paint here it’s incredibly noticeable. I actually sifted through all 5 figures they had in stock in store to pick the best one as each had some minor flaw in the paint. Regularly they wouldn’t be noticeable but since it becomes a focal point to me it’s rather important.

Shadow Link with sword and shield.
Shadow Link with sword and shield.

Build Quality

Again, as this is literally the same figure as the Ocarina of Time version, it has the exact same pros and cons. The plastic is solid and feels durable. The tunic is rubber around his legs to enable easier posing(although it doesn’t let you move it too easily) and it still has the side slit to reduce risk of tearing.

The sword is just as flexible as before and the shield is rock solid giving it a similar foot hazard level as any Lego brick, so be careful if anyone is to leave this on the floor. Surprisingly the shield on this version though fit without issue, unlike previously where I needed to shave some plastic to make it work. So, either I got a bad mold previously or they perhaps tweaked it to make it work.

Link vs Link
Link vs Link

Size wise it’s a full 4.25″ and matches it’s colorful counterpart. It’s also on par with the size of the Samus figure I reviewed a few weeks back.

Shadow Link hitting Link's shield.
Link vs Link… the battle continues.


So any downsides? Yes, the same OOT Link. The legs get loose after the first pose making it harder for it to stand on it’s own. It seems to be a design flaw or manufacturing oversight. As it’s in both figurines I would guess that others may find the same thing. It’s not enough to make it unbuyable, however it does make it harder to display it in your desired pose.

The only other downside is it’s double the usual World of Nintendo figure price and exclusive to a single store. I understand that exclusives can and will happen, but for something as big as this? I wonder how much Spencer’s paid to get this all for itself?



It’s Shadow Link! How could you pass it up if you even remotely like him? Aside from weak legs(which could be just mine), I can’t say there is a reason to pass. Yes, even with the increased $20 price tag. I wish it were less and matched the other figures, but honestly the quality is there so I can’t really say it’s not worth the cost.

As I mentioned it is only available at Spenser’s and can be found on their online shop. However I must caution that they carry NSFW products and adult merchandise. You have been warned. Here is a link to Spenser’s product page if you would like to find it online.

Spencer’s: 4-Inch Shadow Link Action Figure – The Legend of Zelda

Update: It appears also to be available on Amazon now as well – Amazon: Shadow Link Action Figure

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