Leo & Lev Comic: Winds of Change

My first web comic! Leo & Lev: Winds of Change

This is new! Instead of a review or tutorial I thought I would try my hand at making a comic. It did not turn out nearly as well as I had hoped, probably because I am decent at sketching with pencil and paper, which doesn’t translate directly into pen tablet and computer. However, I said I would make a comic, so here it is. In all it’s beginners glory.

Click the comic for a larger, more easily readable version.


Following Through

I can say without a doubt that this isn’t my best work. However there is something to be said for trying something and just following the entire way through. I could have easily scrapped this and hidden it from the world and done yet another review. However, that’s not what I said I would do and I wouldn’t feel right having set out to do this, found it wasn’t as good as I had hoped and quietly let it slip away.

So I think if you didn’t enjoy my comic, you can at least use this post as an example of following through even though the results weren’t as hoped or you aren’t proud of it as being ‘your best work’. I feel far too often we only see the fully curated results of masters and professionals while the rest of us have to start from a much lower level, producing results like this and getting discouraged, possibly enough never to advance. I made this as one of the first few comics I have ever tried to create and I learned a lot about my technique, replicable style between panels and even how to use Photoshop again.  I also learned a newfound respect for those web artists out there that create comics daily or weekly. Although even basic styles as I used can take a large amount of time to do unless you have practiced enough to make it look effortless.

This took me roughly 3 hours (!!!!) to complete which isn’t at all what I thought it would be for the results I found. It was an incredible learning experience and I am glad to have shaken the fear of showing personal missed expectations and followed through. I expect there will be more showcases of my novice skills/abilities in the future and hopefully some showcases that will wow you as well. I even considered uploading an image of some of what I consider my best work to defend my skills from this post. However, that’s not what’s important. I tried, I completed it and here are the results. Never be afraid to try, do or complete something. Even if it’s not how you had planned it.

Author: Trevor E

Technologist. Programmer. Artist. Gamer.

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