Let’s Chat: 2016 Week 39

Let’s Chat: 2016 Week 39

I am so happy to bring you guys our first YouTube series! Let’s Chat will be a weekly segment in which we spend some time reviewing the past week, as well as chat about a few things that are on our minds.

Trevor and I are thrilled to be starting this series, as it allows a chance for us to get to know each other better through an exchange in the comment section of the video. I hope you’ll join us there!

2016, Week 39

This is the kick-off for our series, a little late in the year, but a perfect start for us. Fall is, by far, our favorite season and starting “Let’s Chat” this time of year is a dream come true!

Week 39 we packed up our seasonal clothes as it was FINALLY cool enough to wear our fall apparel. We also started Bullet Journaling, which is something I’ll be talking about in the near future in its own dedicated blog post.

Fall is here! We shared our love of the season and the reasons why. We also discussed our pen preferences and the fact that you don’t need to be the best at time management.

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