A Channel Trailer and New Beginnings

Two years ago we started this blog with a vision. Trevor and I wanted to create a place where we could help, and learn from, people all over the world. We wanted to create a community where ideas can be readily shared and discussed, so we can all grow and be become more knowledgeable. We’ve changed a lot over the course of two years, but our vision remains firm.

A New Beginning

We’ve been working extra hard over the past few weeks to declutter NautilusMODE, just like we’ve decluttered our home and lives, rooting through all of our content to target what is most important to us and what we want to keep writing about in the future.


Well, we’re minimalists, so minimalism is going to be infused into everything we do; it’s become the over arching theme. NautilusMODE is a minimalist blog in which we’ll be sharing our journey, thoughts, and understanding that Minimalism can be applied to every area of our lives in order to focus on what really matters. “Simplicity is best” and we firmly believe that’s the case in every aspect of our lives, which leads me to the rest of our content.

I’ve provided a brief explanation about our content categories below, but you can also read about them on their landing pages. In the menu, simply click on the category you’re curious about to head to its landing page.


Trevor’s biggest passion is technology, and you might have seen some of his articles linked in forums across the internet. He has a degree in Computer Science, and has held a variety of jobs across his field; he’s got a lot of great experience, ideas and knowledge. From hardware to software, gadget reviews to tutorials, Trevor gives insight and guidance in a straight-forward and attentive manner.

On the Road

Travel is one of my most favorite things in the world, stemmed out of flying from Chicago to Birmingham as a kid to see my dad, camping as a Girl Scout and family trips in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Taking photographs and sharing experiences of destinations and lodging is an integral part of traveling, so you can expect to see that. Of course, we’ll continue to review our travel gear and provide packing and travel tips.


It’s safe to say we care for our own home entirely different than we were taught to, and we have very different ideas concerning housing, decor, tidying and organization from what we grew up with. We enjoy sharing the things we’ve learned since we were married in 2012, and you can expect we’ll be continuing to share. Home life is a work in progress for all of us, I don’t know if we ever stop growing…


When planning this fresh start for NautilusMODE, we really wanted to create a place where you guys could get to know us better. We enjoy helping others and providing solid information, or things we’ve learned, but we also wanted to offer a place where we could give advice, share ideas, talk about planning and time-management, discuss our cats and what its like to live with them, and also have a place where we could easily chat with you about things that are going on with us. We truly hope you’ll join us for conversation in our “Let’s Chat” series over on YouTube.

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