Minimalism & Technology

Are minimalism and technology at odds? The answer is actually no. Or more precisely, only if you let them be.

Ah, technology and minimalism. Search the web or talk to anyone and you will probably think that these two items are opposites. Minimalism is to cut back, reduce remove. Technology is to consume, have more, do more, own more(buy all the new gadgets!). Is this really so? No. If you browse our site here you can find that minimalism is indeed a tool to help simplify your life, and honestly technology is here to do the same thing. However just like anything else can cause you more headaches and issues if you let yourself get carried away.

How Technology Simplifies Your Life

You may scoff at the idea as technology has brought us the internet and all the complications of security and personal safety online. Not to mention all the issues of keeping your data safe, your devices up to date as well as your friends on social media that consumes many of our lives. How could that simplify your life? Well, if you take a step back and start to think of technology as a tool you can see that many of these complications are with us from over use or doing dangerous things because they are easier.

You see technology is more than just the electronics in our pockets and on our desks. Our transportation systems, communication systems, sanitation and power systems are actually all very complex. However they are mature and self regulated. Not many people would curse indoor plumbing, a well maintained train/bus system or the electric grid that gives us many more complicated modern day conveniences. Each of these things helps make our lives simpler than in the past.

Just as these modern systems were created to make it easier to work at night with electric lights, or move large distances quickly with transportation, modern electronic tech is here to solve other problems we have. Computers, tablets, phones are all here to help. Your PC makes it easy to produce consistently readable papers, documents and other information at the stoke of a keyboard press. They can let us know breaking news, call others and keep in touch up to the minute with everyone. These are some pretty incredible feats that can’t be ignored. Gone are the days of handwriting letters and waiting weeks for response, hoping someone answers the phone or waiting for business hours to get in touch with customer service. All of our modern day conveniences are brought to us by technology.

How Technology Complicates Your Life

However not all technology is seen in such wonderful life. We have a million gadgets and a million more batteries to keep charged. We have compatibility lists, DRM to keep files only on certain devices and other issues. We have social media invading our lives deeper than a number of us would care for. Our information can become public just because we are a contact in someone else’s hacked email account. We get Spam and Phished and a number of other horrors that this technology brings. Not to mention upgrade fatigue and a constant pressure to have the newest latest, best whatever to get the ‘best and greatest’ experience from all this new tech. However all of this is self inflicted.

How To Maximize Technology For You

All of these complications and annoyances. How can anyone say technology can actually help? Well, for one, you are reading this article that is trying to answer this exact question. The key is to use technology as a tool and not a fad or a way to keep up with others and consumerism. It’s to use each for a means to an end, not as the end itself.

You can avoid a lot of headaches by ensuring you only use tech that you are comfortable with. You should only use devices you truly have a need or fascination with that enriches your life or brings happiness. By applying minimalism to technology in your life you can avoid all the excess. Is there really value to be gained by making yet another online account for another website? Do you really need to buy that gadget that will require updates and special cords, cases and care? Before taking on new technology, and its related items you need to ask yourself if the value outweighs whatever cons you find. If you do this you should find that you have fewer accounts to maintain, devices to manage, and all the individual issues that come with each. Now you are using technology as a tool to improve your life, instead of consuming it.

When Technology Strikes Back

However, this isn’t to say you will get away from error messages, password resets and cryptic errors or un-intuitive apps. It just means they will hopefully happen less frequently for you. However when you still have issues, that is where I hope NautilusMODE can help. Technology is one of my big passions in life and I love helping others. I spend a lot of time working through my own issues and writing articles on how to fix the problems I encounter in hopes to make technology easier for others. I hope that you can find my articles useful and that if you have a question with technology you even feel compelled to reach out to us to ask for an answer. As although I can’t guarantee that I will be able to answer it, if it is something that I can solve and will help others I will gladly write up the answer and post it to make technology work better for everyone. This is how technology and minimalism collide. They are here to simplify our lives and I hope I can help too.

If you are interested in seeing answers to tech questions and other ways to simplify your life, please use the email subscription form to send us your email so we can let you know new articles are posted. Isn’t that a way technology can simplify your life? If you are concerned about your email, don’t worry, we don’t sell or share it (please see our privacy policy  for details). Otherwise please feel free to follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Google+/Facebook.


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