Half-Bedroom Apartments Exist

I’ve been in the rural rental market for five years now and all of the units available in my market have 0, 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms. When I saw the phrase “half-bedroom” in the title of a YouTube video, I just had to watch it.

I absolutely love this concept, as you can imagine. The woman that lives here did mention that there is a larger bedroom with a bathroom that a roommate occupies. Still, I think this is rich (especially because the occupant isn’t a minimalist with minimalist style, she instead displays many pieces of art and personal items). Half-bedroom apartments would fit a variety of lifestyles for couples, or singles, that are stationary, or traveling long-term.

This video and apartment are so inspiring for me, and have caused me to re-think my possessions, home decor, and the amount of space I need. I mean, what needs to be in a bedroom to make it a bedroom…a bed? And maybe a space to store clothes? This room meets those needs and his a very functional use of space that’s worth considering when looking towards future housing.


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