Let’s Chat Season 01, Episode 07

Let’s Chat Season 01, Episode 07

Happy Sunday everyone! This week’s Let’s Chat brings with it the last weekend of November…where did the time go?

Another low-key week for us as Thanksgiving was this past Thursday. Trevor got to fully triage his PC, and we’ve gotten our Christmas tree up! Keep your eyes peeled for a little more detail on our Christmas decor and this year’s tree!

We spent the majority of this video discussing our goal to be completely satisfied with our apartment by the new year. Trevor and I have been culling our belongings since 2014 and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel; every day our place looks more and more like we would like it to. Hopefully we can double-time it and get our goal accomplished for a minimal 2017!

This week’s chat topic: Are you going minimal in 2017?

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