How and Why We Became Minimalists

We’ve been talking about a little thing called Minimalism for over a year now, but we’ve never really addressed how and why we became Minimalists in the first place. Today we’re solving that mystery by sharing the tale with you.

How We Became Minimalists

We’ve got several posts covering the methods and processes of downsizing from the beginning of our journey, some of which illustrate the change in our mindset, but none of them really paint a clear picture. Last week we posted this video detailing the process on our YouTube channel.

I was very sick last week, which is why not too much of anything got done around here; sometimes a little time away is just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately my time away was mostly spent on the sofa editing last weeks videos, but you get the idea. This video is WAY too important not to share on the blog. No time like the present, they always say! Who is “they” anyway?

Why We Became Minimalists

The story starts in a dark place, as most minimalist tales do, but that’s okay by us! Sometimes growth needs to start at rock bottom.

We hope these videos add value to you, maybe even some inspiration to you on your own journey, and a little clarity.

Be sure to check out our Instagram for updates on #Minimalist2017…there’s only a few days left!

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