5 Benefits to a Capsule Wardrobe

We’ve talked a bit about having capsule wardrobes, but Trevor and I haven’t ever really addressed what the benefits to having such a small wardrobe actually are. I mean, why would you do something without knowing what’s in it for you? Well, today I’ll answer that question or you.

#1: You Know Exactly What to Wear

I remember getting dressed when I still lived with my mom. I had a closet full of clothes and a dresser bursting at the seams. I’d take anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes trying on clothes. Outfit after outfit I’d get more and more discouraged as nothing felt right, or was comfortable enough; I’d break down and cry out of frustration over having nothing to wear in a room full of clothes.

Getting dressed in the morning literally takes me a minute nowadays. I start with bottoms, or a dress, then I snag myself a top/sweater and call it a day. Sometimes I’ll take a little extra time to decide what I “feel” like wearing, but even then it maybe takes me two minutes to choose an outfit.

Everything matches everything. Everything goes with everything. I can’t mis-match much, which means I don’t really have to put any thought into choosing an outfit. I can close my eyes and grab two pieces, and it’ll work; I can wear that and it’ll make total sense.

#2: Everything Fits

When we remove the clothes that don’t fit us from our wardrobe a few beautiful things happen, but mainly we stop body-shaming ourselves. Having those items that don’t actually fit you in your wardrobe brings you down daily, and this is something that truly needs to stop.

I used to hang on to clothes that fit me in high school and say things to myself like “You fatty, this size 13 fit you in High School!” While that sentence was true, I’d totally brushed aside the unhealthy things I’d done in order to get to that place. I brought myself down daily for not being a certain weight, regardless of the means I’d used to get there.

For a piece of clothing to enter into you’re capsule wardrobe and be functional, it’s got to fit you. Thus, everything in your closet fits you at this moment in time. There isn’t any wasted space on items that “fit only before I eat” in your wardrobe. No room for items that fit you five years ago that you might fit into again.

#3: Everything Is Your Style

One of the reasons I disliked items in my old closet was because they weren’t my style, but one of the issues back then was not knowing what my style was. Part of the process of building a capsule wardrobe is to curate by adding in items that you like, or enjoy.

Once you find what your personal clothing style is, you shine. I tend to feel much happier and comfortable in the clothes that are my style.

#4: Instilled Confidence

Being in the world, dressed head to toe in an outfit that fits and is your style, makes you feel incredible. I’ve found confidence in myself since adopting a capsule wardrobe that, I don’t think, I would have found otherwise. I’m not ashamed of how I like to dress, although I’ve noticed that people are noticing me more. I’m proud and happy to be who I am and like what I like; my clothes are just an outward expression of that.

#5: Freedom

Freedom is my favorite benefit of a capsule wardrobe, and I feel that it’s the most important benefit. All of the previous points combined give you so much more time and freedom in your day. I’ve got the time to worry about other things, like making a healthy breakfast. I feel happy and comfortable, which gives me a tremendous amount of freedom to be who I am and not worry about anything else. I’m spending less money on clothes, which let’s me funnel more cash into our student debt.

I’ve found my capsule wardrobe to be incredibly liberating. I hope that all of you do, too!

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