Her 2017 Wardrobe

January is the month in which Trevor and I evaluate the clothing in our wardrobes to make sure each piece will serve us well throughout the year. Last week I shared Trevor’s every day wardrobe, and this week I’ve got mine!

I use a 10-item wardrobe concept, by Jennifer L. Scott, which allows me to mix and match my core items into unique outfits. As you probably noticed, I don’t have a ton of variety in my wardrobe, but these are the clothes that work for me emotionally and practically throughout the year.

Oh yeah, this is my wardrobe for the entire year. I have a few extra pieces that carry me through summer and winter, but for the most part those 10 core items are what I wear.

All of my clothing items, accessories, and shoes are from the following stores: Target, Old Navy, Payless, or The Bon-Ton. In the future I’d like to purchase higher-quality and ethically made pieces, but this wardrobe should last long enough in order for us to save up the cash to do that. Ethical and higher-quality pieces cost more, but that’s the world I’d like to be voting for with my money.

I hope this video inspires you to take a look at your own wardrobe and make it work best for you!

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