Travel on a Budget with See Ally Go!

Travel on a Budget with See Ally Go!

So, I’ve been keeping a secret from you…

Travel is one of my biggest passions; I grew up flying from northern USA to southern USA and I feel most in my element navigating airports, on a plane, or on a new adventure. As I’ve gotten older, I find myself being more and more drawn into nature to the point where I prefer a weekend in the woods to a week at the beach…for now anyway!

For the longest time Trevor and I wrote about ourselves and the life we have together on NautilusMODE.

We didn’t really have a theme other than wanting to share ourselves to help people live better, and I documented different adventures that we’d been on together on this blog. As we’ve grown over the past year into a content theme of living a more simple lifestyle with less stress, less stuff and less waste, those photo journals and travel content I once shared are no longer relevant.

So I started my own blog, See Ally Go, in order to share the places I go and the wisdom I have to help you make awesome travel memories without spending your savings!

My main focus (for now) is to share Pennsylvania’s park system with the world, as much of it as I can, with hopes of making this a nationwide adventure in the future. We picked up some new lenses to take better photos and make better quality videos for this new project, and I can’t wait for you to see them!

What You’ll Find on See Ally Go

State and National Parks

Why parks?

In Pennsylvania, park lands are under constant threat by mining, drilling, overdevelopment and pollution, more recently there is drilling by Marcellus Shale Coalition. This means scenic views will be jarringly disrupted by rigs, noise and odors, and the natural state of the park itself will be greatly altered as plants and wildlife adapt (or die off) in reaction to these man-made factors.

I want to see, and enjoy these places for myself as soon as possible, but also share them with as many people as possible for me to do.

The main event on See Ally Go will be articles and videos on State Parks in Pennsylvania until Trevor and I can go on the road full-time. Then I’ll be covering State and National Parks all over the United States.

Planning Awesome Trips

Trevor and myself are fairly seasoned, between the two of us, when it comes to travel and camping.

I’ll be sharing our knowledge on See Ally Go so you can stress less and spend less, while still planning great adventures! You’ll find:

Travel Adventures

To me, the largest part of travel is to share your adventures; I don’t think this is a responsibility of a traveler that never goes away. It’s almost like its a duty to talk about the places you’ve been, the things you’ve seen and the people you met along the way.

Sometimes we go to destinations that aren’t part of the park system, but I still find them worth sharing. I could be a city, a destination, a resort…

Sometimes we see some neat stuff while we’re out and about. Like maybe a buggy, a mural, a festival…

Well, I will be sharing those things (as well as on Instagram) and providing as much information as I can in case you’d have interest in visiting the same places.

Hope to See You on See Ally Go!

See Ally Go launched in February and I’m currently doing one post a week, every Monday. The site is still in its infancy, but I hope to see you over there and on our adventures!

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I’d never give up traveling and exploring, under any circumstance! Is there something you’d never give up?

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