Backup Your Files: Using Windows Backup

 Back Up Your Files

You probably have heard this phrase at least once if not a thousand times.  However if you are like a lot of people, you still haven’t taken the time to actually back up your files.  In this article I will show you how to set up a dead simple scheduled back up on your Windows PC. Continue reading “Backup Your Files: Using Windows Backup”

Product Review: Logitech Wave Keyboard(K350) & Mouse(M510)

If you are in the market for a new keyboard, the Logitech Wave should be on your list of contenders.  Although considered an ergonomic keyboard, its gentle curves still feel familiar leaving you only to learn minor adjustments to your typing habits for all day typing comfort.  Best of all, it works with Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Inside Your PC: Cable Management

A Tangled Web Of Wires

If you know your way around a computer,  you may have been unlucky enough to open one up and witness one of the most neglected area of PC construction, interior cable management.  Not only does poor routing of cables look ugly, it can cause air flow problems leading to excess heat and dust build up inside your computer.  As these are things you really don’t want in your PC, now is the time to pop the hood and take a look inside to ensure it’s organized efficiently.

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Old Software: Setup.exe Will Not Run

Backwards Compatibility

Have you ever had an older program or game refuse to install, receive strange errors while installing or even double clicking on the installer and having nothing happen?  I certainly have.  Most recently I encountered the problem where setup.exe would not run on two of my old PC games after re-installing Windows 7 on my machine.

In all cases Windows is to be backwards compatible with legacy software and games; and although there may not seem like there is a way to find out why the software isn’t working, there are a number of things you can try. Continue reading “Old Software: Setup.exe Will Not Run”

Fixing Disk Drives Using Diskpart (Windows)

Usually using a  hard drive or flash drive is as easy as just plugging in the drive and letting Windows recognize it.  However, sometimes things can go terribly wrong leaving the drive with only a fraction of its space usable and no easy way to fix it.  I recently encountered this problem again while using my Windows 7 PC and thought this would be a great How-To article as I remember finding little information online to help fix this problem previously.

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