Our 2014 Christmas Tree

Decorating a tree doesn’t have to be intimidating, or expensive. I mixed inexpensive and expensive ornaments to achieve this earthy, yet festive, Christmas look. Continue reading “Our 2014 Christmas Tree”

Photo Journal: Gettysburg

In order to celebrate our wedding anniversary every year, we try to travel somewhere new (cheaply). This year we hit two years of marriage and six years of being together, so I wanted to do something different: Gettysburg Battlefields on Halloween. Oooooooooooo! Continue reading “Photo Journal: Gettysburg”

Photo Journal: Maryland

Check out our recent trip. Continue reading “Photo Journal: Maryland”

Photo Journal: North Carolina

As Trevor mentioned in his blog post “Technical Difficulties,” we went away on vacation and didn’t have the internet access we had anticipated. For that trip, we headed to North Carolina for some sight-seeing and new experiences. It was a sentimental trip, but on the way we found some businesses that Trevor admires. Below is my photo journal for our trip! Continue reading “Photo Journal: North Carolina”