You Are What You Eat? | Let’s Chat S02 E03

Happy Sunday! Let’s Chat about food this week.

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Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 002

Well it’s the end of our second week of diet changes and, I am happy to report, we both lost weight! Trevor and I are weighing ourselves on an analog scale, and we’ll be picking up a fancier scale sometime in the next week (along with a tape measure so I can provide some measurements! I lost my old one in a tragic sewing accident…R.I.P. old tape measure…) Continue reading “Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 002”

Removing Negativity | Let’s Chat, S02 E02

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s Let’s Chat day and we thought we’d talk about removing negativity for this week’s Let’s Chat video. There’s been a huge improvement in our mood since we started doing these things and we hope that you’ll find benefit as well! Continue reading “Removing Negativity | Let’s Chat, S02 E02”

Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 001

Trevor and I don’t make resolutions, but we do set goals and implement changes for ourselves. The biggest lifestyle change we wanted to implement is a more plant-based diet, especially as my body seems to be medically demanding it. So in order to hold ourselves accountable, we’ll be sharing this journey on NautilusMODE to show that living simple definitely applies to what you put in your body. Continue reading “Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 001”

Happy New Year | Let’s Chat S02 E01

Happy New Year everyone! We had such a great time lounging around by ourselves last night; I think I might actually be beginning to feel better after being sick for two weeks! Continue reading “Happy New Year | Let’s Chat S02 E01”

2017 Bullet Journaling: Using What I Own

I am so excited to be bringing you guys this blog post today as it’s been a year in the making! I uploaded last year’s planner to YouTube and one of the first comments said the planner wasn’t minimalist. The planner was minimalist in comparison to many of those belonging to the YouTube-Planners out there, but it got me thinking how I could make it more minimal.

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Happy Holidays | Let’s Chat Season 01, Episode 11

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our readers and subscribers! Wether you’re traveling, or spending time with loved ones, Trevor and I wish you all a very Happy Holiday that is filled with joy and peace. Continue reading “Happy Holidays | Let’s Chat Season 01, Episode 11”

Let’s Chat: Season 01, Episode 09

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a great week, so let’s chat about it.

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Let’s Chat: Season 01, Episode 08

Buying quality is something we’ve chatted about several times, but we’ve found it is all too easy to forget in the moment when you’re out shopping. Continue reading “Let’s Chat: Season 01, Episode 08”