Be Your Pet’s Voice: Pay Them Close Attention!

Leo, our soon to be 6 year old furry adoptive son and NautilusMODE mascot fell ill this weekend, and not in the traditional manner. The cause: a blocked urinary tract.  Not something my wife or I expected, but it is incredibly serious and apparently common in male cats. The terrifying part? If let unchecked he could have died from kidney failure within 3 to 6 days. Continue reading “Be Your Pet’s Voice: Pay Them Close Attention!”

Using the Best Things You Have

When living minimally, one of the things you need to get used to is using the best things you have every day. This is because the only things you own are the “best” items to you. A common example is dinnerware. Trevor and I had daily dishes, special occasion dishes and an incomplete set of dishes I’d had in college. No household needs three sets of dishes. We ditched everything during our home purge, as we didn’t really like any of them, and picked up a set that we truly enjoy seeing all day every day. Continue reading “Using the Best Things You Have”

Give What You Can

You don’t have to donate money or goods in order to make a difference in someone’s life. Read on to find out how good it feels to give up some of your time, and why minimalists should strive to volunteer. Continue reading “Give What You Can”

The Importance of a Cat’s Routine

Most kitties are creatures of habits very simple to understand as an owner. The sooner you learn your cat’s routine, or establish one for your kitten, the happier both your lives will be. Continue reading “The Importance of a Cat’s Routine”

DIY: Personalize Your 2015 Filofax

If you checked out my Filofax unboxing post, or are the proud owner of a brand new Filofax, I’m sure you noticed the inserts it comes with are bland and boring. Here are a few ways you can customize your Filofax in order to make it into something you love, and functional for you. Continue reading “DIY: Personalize Your 2015 Filofax”

Unboxing: Filofax Domino Personal Organizer

Interested in purchasing a Filofax? Check it out before you buy. Continue reading “Unboxing: Filofax Domino Personal Organizer”