OS X Samba Issues

Having trouble connecting your Mac to a Samba share? This may be the answer(or rather work around) to get you back up and running. Continue reading “OS X Samba Issues”

Ditch Adobe Reader and Flash

It’s 2016 and your PC still needs to Adobe Reader and Flash right? Well, not really. You can get by without having to manage ether. Actually it’s best that you do ditch them for your computers security. Continue reading “Ditch Adobe Reader and Flash”

Video: Apple AirPort Extreme (2013 Refurbished) Unboxing

Curious about what you get when you buy an Apple refurbished product? We recently purchased an AirPort Extreme and documented what refurbished means to Apple(at least for their routers). Continue reading “Video: Apple AirPort Extreme (2013 Refurbished) Unboxing”

How much RAM do you need? – A Practical Guide

When building or upgrading your PC/laptop how much RAM do you really need? A topic that changes with time and varies by opinion. I hope this article can clear up some confusion to help you understand how much you will need based on how things are now. (Yes I do plan on keeping this article up to date in the future). Continue reading “How much RAM do you need? – A Practical Guide”

Product Review: Foxx Electronics Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5S

A while back I did a video showing how to apply the Foxx Electronics tempered glass screen protector and initial impressions. Now it’s time for the full review! Continue reading “Product Review: Foxx Electronics Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5S”

First Impressions: Foxx Electronics Tempered Screen Protector

Tempered screen protector? Like glass? Yes. How does that protect your phone and why would you want that over a traditional screen protector? I answer these questions for you today as well as a bonus video! Continue reading “First Impressions: Foxx Electronics Tempered Screen Protector”

VirtualBox Basics

Want to run another operating system on top of your current one? The easiest solution is Oracle’s VirtualBox. This article will walk you through the basics of setting up your first VM (Linux Mint). Let’s begin! Continue reading “VirtualBox Basics”