Product Review: AmazonBasics USB 3.0 4-Port Hub

As part of my recent office reorganization I moved my desktop to one side of the room, with my mouse/keyboard and monitors to the other. As such I was looking for a nice USB 3 HUB to use with my USB extension cable so I can still use my USB accessories without having to make trips back and forth to my tower. To solve my issues I purchased this 4 Port USB hub from Amazon. Continue reading “Product Review: AmazonBasics USB 3.0 4-Port Hub”

OS X Samba Issues

Having trouble connecting your Mac to a Samba share? This may be the answer(or rather work around) to get you back up and running. Continue reading “OS X Samba Issues”

How much RAM do you need? – A Practical Guide

When building or upgrading your PC/laptop how much RAM do you really need? A topic that changes with time and varies by opinion. I hope this article can clear up some confusion to help you understand how much you will need based on how things are now. (Yes I do plan on keeping this article up to date in the future). Continue reading “How much RAM do you need? – A Practical Guide”

Product Review: Blue snowball

A while back we did an unboxing of the Blue snowball. Now we have used it for a while we can give it a proper review! So, is the snowball worth your money or do you need the Yeti? Also I’ll explain the difference between the snowball and it’s slightly cheaper brother, the snowball iCE. Continue reading “Product Review: Blue snowball”

Blue Snowball Unboxing

We recently bought a Blue snowball microphone to help record our YouTube videos! So, what exactly is in the box? Check it out below! Continue reading “Blue Snowball Unboxing”

13in 2015 MacBook Pro Review

I did an unboxing post that you can find by clicking this link. Let’s talk about my partner in crime. Continue reading “13in 2015 MacBook Pro Review”

Back To School: Technology Prep Checklist

It’s that time of year again, back to school. With class starting soon or already underway there is a lot to think about. Is your technology ready for the new school year? Read on to see how you can prep your tech to take on the new year! Continue reading “Back To School: Technology Prep Checklist”

Digital Spring Cleaning

It’s about that time a year in the northern hemisphere for Spring cleaning to commence! In addition to the standard clean up of your residence, don’t forget to clean up your digital residences too! Don’t let those personal photos, videos and emails sit for much longer. While you are still stuck inside waiting for the coldest part of the year to end is the perfect time to back up your files and respond to long overdue emails, voice-mails and more! Continue reading “Digital Spring Cleaning”

Product Review: Edimax AC1200 USB 3.0 Wireless AC Adapter (EW-7822UAC)

Looking for a wireless AC adapter for your new AC router? Chances are you may have stumbled upon the Edimax AC 1200 Dual-Band USB Wireless Adapter(EW-7822UAC). But is it worth your money or should you look elsewhere? Continue reading “Product Review: Edimax AC1200 USB 3.0 Wireless AC Adapter (EW-7822UAC)”

Learn Computers Series: Part 2 – Understanding the Desktop

In this second part of the Learn Computers Series(Part 1 can be found here) we will cover the Desktop Paradigm, or the concepts behind how your computer is organized and how the GUI is designed to allow easy access to your applications and files. If you have ever struggled with understanding the way a computer was organized and how to interact with it, this will be your guide to understanding. Continue reading “Learn Computers Series: Part 2 – Understanding the Desktop”