Your Guide To Buying TV’s and Monitors

Need a new TV or monitor but don’t know where to start? In this guide I will tell you how I shop for and purchase displays. Continue reading “Your Guide To Buying TV’s and Monitors”

Troubleshooting: Phillips SoundBar (HTL2101A/F7)

Have you purchased the Phillips SoundBar (HTL2101A/F7) and it’s not living up to expectations? Fear not, there is still hope! This guide will walk you through all the troubleshooting steps you need to get it working correctly or determine if it’s defective and needs replaced.    Continue reading “Troubleshooting: Phillips SoundBar (HTL2101A/F7)”

How and Why to Buy Cheap Cables

Looking for a new HDMI cable, or perhaps just a new 3.5mm cord, to connect your music player or phone to your car or home stereo?  Have you seen cable prices in stores that are sky high?  Fear not, as more than likely you can buy one of the cheap off-brands and get the same kind of quality.

Continue reading “How and Why to Buy Cheap Cables”

Product Review: Phillips SoundBar (HTL2101A/F7)

Looking to add some power to your home media set up? Soundbars are the latest craze, replacing traditional 5.1 surround speaker systems for those who don’t have the space but need the extra sound. Often times these soundbars are much cheaper than an entire home theater in a box and provide more power than your TV’s speakers. This past week I took a look at one of the entry level products, a Philips HTL2101A/F7 and in this article I will let you know what $60 USD can get you. Continue reading “Product Review: Phillips SoundBar (HTL2101A/F7)”