Speed Up Your PC With These Tweaks and Upgrades

Is your PC a little sluggish but don’t know how to fix it? Read on to find out legitimate ways to improve performance without installing more software or signing up for anything strange on fishy websites. Continue reading “Speed Up Your PC With These Tweaks and Upgrades”

Computer Performance: Impact of Power Settings (Windows)

Modern day PC’s have an abundance of settings to help us save on power usage.  This is great by design as less power consumption equals lower power bills.  However, like everything there are positives and negatives.  I have run into instances where these settings have actually hindered my PC’s performance to the point of frustration only to find out it’s these software settings instead of the hardware causing problems. Continue reading “Computer Performance: Impact of Power Settings (Windows)”

Windows Backup: Restoring Lost Data

Continuing with the theme from my post last Thursday, today I will show you how to retrieve a file from the Windows Backup I created.  If you ever need to retrieve a file from your own back up, you should follow along and do this yourself.  Practicing this, will help put you  at ease in the event you need to restore any files. Continue reading “Windows Backup: Restoring Lost Data”

Backup Your Files: Using Windows Backup

 Back Up Your Files

You probably have heard this phrase at least once if not a thousand times.  However if you are like a lot of people, you still haven’t taken the time to actually back up your files.  In this article I will show you how to set up a dead simple scheduled back up on your Windows PC. Continue reading “Backup Your Files: Using Windows Backup”

Old Software: Setup.exe Will Not Run

Backwards Compatibility

Have you ever had an older program or game refuse to install, receive strange errors while installing or even double clicking on the installer and having nothing happen?  I certainly have.  Most recently I encountered the problem where setup.exe would not run on two of my old PC games after re-installing Windows 7 on my machine.

In all cases Windows is to be backwards compatible with legacy software and games; and although there may not seem like there is a way to find out why the software isn’t working, there are a number of things you can try. Continue reading “Old Software: Setup.exe Will Not Run”

Fixing Disk Drives Using Diskpart (Windows)

Usually using a  hard drive or flash drive is as easy as just plugging in the drive and letting Windows recognize it.  However, sometimes things can go terribly wrong leaving the drive with only a fraction of its space usable and no easy way to fix it.  I recently encountered this problem again while using my Windows 7 PC and thought this would be a great How-To article as I remember finding little information online to help fix this problem previously.

Continue reading “Fixing Disk Drives Using Diskpart (Windows)”