How To Install: Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Looking to upgrade your media center but unsure how? Well this post will show you how. Literally! I purchased the Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount and will show you in video form how to install it. Continue reading “How To Install: Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount”

Kitten Academy Patreon & New Litter

Three weeks ago I wrote a feature about Kitten Academy, a small kitten fostering program run by some incredible human beings out of an Illinois dining room. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do as the academy is inspiring us to be better human beings…and is obviously adorable! Continue reading “Kitten Academy Patreon & New Litter”

Ditching Filofax for a Day Designer

You guys are totally interested in planning posts, so I thought I’d give a little update on my planning situation. As you might have guessed from the title, I’ve ditched my Filofax Domino and moved on to something else. Let’s go over why I made the swap and the features of the Day Designer. Continue reading “Ditching Filofax for a Day Designer”

Kitten Academy Live Stream

I was working on a few posts for today, but none of them felt right to post. With everything that’s been happening in my life and the world, I’ve been feeling a little down…almost helpless to the violence globally and the personal sadness… Then I found Kitten Academy. Continue reading “Kitten Academy Live Stream”

DHP Canopy Bed Build & Review

The week before Memorial Day we moved into our new apartment and ordered a bed frame for our new place. I went with this model on by DHP. Continue reading “DHP Canopy Bed Build & Review”

VirtualBox Basics Update: Video

If you have read my previous post on VirtualBox, now there is a video out to show you the steps! Continue reading “VirtualBox Basics Update: Video”

A Cleaning Schedule

I’ve tried and tried and tried to get some sort of a cleaning schedule down that would work for me, and I had thought it would be easier to do living in a small space. Not true. At all. Turns out, the method was a bad match for my household and our habits, as well as my cleaning style. What does that mean? Continue reading “A Cleaning Schedule”

Packing Light for an 8-Night Cruise to the Caribbean

I made this totally awesome stop motion video for you guys that outlines what we took on our recent trip to the Caribbean! This video took about 4 hours to shoo, and 8 hours to edit, but I am so proud of it that I think it was totally worth it! Continue reading “Packing Light for an 8-Night Cruise to the Caribbean”

IKEA ALEX Desk Hinge Installation How-To

We had a couple of commenters on YouTube asking for specifics about how to install the door for the cable management compartment on the ALEX desk from IKEA that we purchased a bit ago. Continue reading “IKEA ALEX Desk Hinge Installation How-To”

My New IKEA “ALEX” Desk

Things have been hectic for us. We’ve been working really hard on going through our belongings again for the last time. I mean, as we move and grow we’ll get rid of things, but Trevor and I both feel like this time around we are truly getting rid of all the excess. One year after we started on our journey, we believe we’ll be finished with it.

Between tearing the house apart, listing things on eBay and Craigslist, and helping my sister tackle her clutter……….we found time on a Saturday to drive 5h round-trip to our “local” IKEA to snag me a new desk.

Continue reading “My New IKEA “ALEX” Desk”